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Abel Noser also offers the START platform, a next-gen data-driven trading algorithm strategy and optimization engine that allows traders and managers to retain oversight of execution logic while utilizing hyper-targeted strategies. For more information or a demo, contact info@abelnoser.com.

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There are a number of ways a company can work with us to experience our best-in-class products and services:

  • Direct Clients - Direct clients receive products and industry-leading services directly from Abel Noser Solutions.
  • Strategic Partners - We have also developed a network of partners who we work closely with to ultimately deliver our products and services.
  • Distributor - In a typical distributor partnership, Abel Noser Solutions operates as a wholesaler, delivering TCA services through a reseller to its clients. Resellers, usually prime brokers, brokers, correspondent clearing firms, and custody clients, pursue opportunities with their own sales forces using Abel Noser TCA products that can be "white-labeled" or re-branded.
  • Referral - In a referral relationship, partners such as brokers and consultants can actively sell our services to their clients in return for revenue sharing with Abel Noser Solutions.


Please contact us at info@abelnoser.com to learn more.

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