Real-Time TCA: Trade Pulse

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Trade Pulse, our proprietary real-time trading analytics tool,  gives clients immediate access to the results they need to manage and react to trading costs. A trader can use real-time TCA to evaluate strategies, aid in decisions and understand overall performance.


The tool's real-time results allow traders and managers to follow their progress at the portfolio and order level, helping them make the right decisions at all times.  Built into the tool is a convenient interface that displays results in a familiar drag-and-drop format, offering you the ability to focus on what matters most.



Image depicts close-up of general data on a computer screen.

Why Analyze Your Costs in Real Time?

  • Take action by monitoring your portfolio and single stock trades as they occur
  • Easily identify securities that are moving away from your stated benchmark
  • Quantify trade costs at any given time
  • Produce measurably better trading results

Functionality and Benefits


  • Trade alerts and heat map visuals are dynamically refreshed
  • Pre-trade cost estimates are derived from empirical data
  • Shows cost to complete strategies
  • Add to an existing or completed trade
  • Fill-level roll ups and/or volume/participation indicators
  • Options for pivot table view, plus export functionality





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