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New President Will Leverage Company's Industry-Leading Trade Analytics to Drive Execution Services


Abel Noser Holdings has announced the appointment of Doug Rivelli as President of Abel Noser LLC, the company's agency-only brokerage subsidiary.  Mr. Rivelli is well-known in the investment community with over 25 years of multi-asset trading experience. Doug was a pioneer in the program and electronic trading space, as well as an early adopter of using analytics in block trading.


"My vision for the broker-dealer is to further leverage Abel Noser's industry-leading analytics in our trading process, providing clients with superior execution and continuing to drive the firm's growing market-share," Mr. Rivelli said recently at the company's NY office. "Our combination of robust trade analytics, very unique liquidity, and experienced traders will propel execution performance at Abel Noser."


"As Interim President of our broker-dealer, I can attest that Doug is a perfect fit," said Peter Weiler, Co-CEO of Abel Noser Holdings, the trading group's parent company. "We're thrilled about his deep expertise in market structure and electronic trading, and his successful track record at previous positions."


PR Newswire - July 31, 2019

CV Magazine awards company based on criteria for The Corporate Excellence Awards 2019


CV Magazine is a British business publication that boasts a global circulation of 130,000 and 49,000 monthly page views.  Regarding the award, they state, as follows:


"The Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 are handpicked by CV Magazine and are based purely on the comprehensive analysis of both qualitative and quantitative research undertaken by the wider group. It provides us the chance to promote talent on a truly global platform.


This proven approach ensures that we award on merit, not popularity and recognise the very best in business; from a single office firm to an international conglomerate, we award those that are succeeding in their endeavours, innovating, growing and improving."


CV Magazine - February 25, 2019

Expansion to support clients located in the Southeast and comes on the heels of company’s recent acquisition of another leading TCA provider


Yannis Vitsentzos, Managing Director of the company’s Sales Trading unit, will head the new Atlanta office.  “I’m excited to be in such close proximity to key local clients, allowing us to provide the utmost in best-in-class trading services.”


PR Newswire - August 13, 2018

Steven Glass, Bethesda, Md.-based principal and head of Zeno AN Solutions: "As managers go to execution-only commission rates, they might have previously had OMS with 70 brokers connected, but as commissions went down and MiFID II required unbundling, the connections have dropped a lot, to like 15 to 20 brokers connected." ... "From an asset owner perspective, this goes hand in hand with the need for conversations with managers on the impact of research cuts," he said.


P&I - August 6, 2018

Acquisition Combines the Offerings of the Two Pioneers and Leading Providers of Trade Analytics Services to the Institutional Community


"We are excited to have the Zeno team join in our efforts to provide the most comprehensive suite of products available for asset owners," commented Ted Morgan, CEO of Abel Noser Holdings. "Zeno brings with it decades of analytical experience in managing and controlling equity, fixed income and FX trading costs."


PR Newswire - June 4, 2018

Axioma, the leading provider of enterprise risk management, portfolio management, and regulatory reporting solutions, today announced a partnership with Abel Noser Solutions, a leader in the campaign to lower costs associated with trading, to provide an end-to-end solution that supports compliance with the SEC’s Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules and Rule 22e-4 on liquidity disclosure.


Axioma - May 16, 2018

Given that companies must announce their repurchase plans, the restrictions make it easier to detect stock buyback activity, said Ted Morgan, chief executive officer of brokerage Abel Noser, which executes share buybacks on behalf of corporate clients.  “It’s a lot easier than it is to detect other types of institutional flow,” he said.


Reuters - April 27, 2018


The Combination Adds to the Offerings of the Two Pioneers and Leading Providers of Trade Analytics Services to the Institutional Community

Abel Noser Holdings, LLC announced today that it is acquiring Zeno Consulting Group, LLC in a transaction pairing two leading providers of best execution analysis, regulatory and trade surveillance services.  Zeno brings with it over three decades of experience in helping asset owners manage and control equity, fixed income and FX trading costs.


PR Newswire - April 5, 2018

Latest predictive analytic model available through LIQUIDNET LABS product innovation hub

“A portfolio manager’s tendencies have always influenced a trader’s execution strategy but being able to consistently replicate a profile pattern used to be a challenge,” said Peter Weiler, President of Abel Noser Solutions. “But by analyzing a client’s TCA data, we can now discover any persistent patterns that are statistically significant. With Portfolio Manager Profiling, Liquidnet pulls that analysis into its Algo Ranking Model to rank suggested execution strategies that are aligned to that PM’s preferences.”


Business Wire - February 8, 2018

Over-the-counter activity seen ripe for transaction cost analysis (TCA)

"OTC bond trades are something our product covers well, in depth, using all three of our fixed-income measurement methodologies — liquidity, quote and spread-to-benchmark," which measures the spread of a security with its corresponding or similarly behaving benchmark or index, Mr. Morgan (CEO) said. "This could be useful to many firms trading derivatives, even if those derivatives are not directly covered by our product."


PI Online - October2, 2017

European office expansion to support global coverage of company's products and services and opens well before MiFID II & PRIIPs go into effect in January 2018


"We are thrilled to be increasing our global footprint with both the strategic hiring of key personnel and an enriched product suite," said Nupen Shah, Director of EMEA Sales & Client Services. "Our philosophy has always been to provide firms with actionable TCA and user-friendly compliance tools by understanding their workflow and using this intelligence in products and services that can be customized for each client."


PR Newswire - September 27, 2017

First-of-its-Kind Fixed Income TCA Product Identifies Lost Portfolio Returns

Abel Noser Solutions, the global leader in Transaction Cost Analysis ("TCA") in equities, preferreds, FX and futures, is pleased to announce coverage of a new asset class: fixed income.


PR Newswire - June 8, 2017

Compliance+ tool leverages award-winning analytics for trade surveillance.

Abel Noser Solutions announced today that it has launched a new trade surveillance product for compliance officers of broker-dealers, investment advisors and exchanges. The product comes on the heels of a successful limited pre-release to select clients. Compliance+ is a proprietary software solution that enables companies to identify and assess daily potential trade irregularities such as spoofing and layering, potential insider trading, and high cost trades.  The platform provides an easy-to-navigate and graphically attractive front-end to quickly review compliance alerts.


PR Newswire - February 21, 2017


Buy-side traders named Abel Noser the Best US Equities Transaction Cost Analysis firm two weeks ago. The K&KGC Buy-Siders' Choice Awards provide traders a venue to recognize their service provider's contributions to the buy-side community.


PR Newswire - December 1, 2016


Abel Noser announced today it has finalized the previously announced management-led buyout of the firm along with private equity fund Estancia Capital Partners, L.P.


PR Newswire - November 11, 2016


An experienced transition management provider should free clients to focus on making investment decisions, while offering total visibility into the trading process, says Abel Noser’s Senior Vice President of Transition Management Michael Iannucci.


CIO Magazine - September 16, 2016


Abel Noser, the company that was a pioneer in analyzing trading costs for pension funds and other institutional investors more than 40 years ago, is moving into a new era with new ownership - but with leaders already familiar with the firm.


PI Online - August 8, 2016


Abel Noser announced today founders Stanley Abel and Eugene Noser, Jr. have agreed to a management-led buyout by the second-generation management team of the firm and received an investment from Estancia Capital Partners.


PR Newswire - July 14, 2016


Equity trading strategies increasingly are being seen through the lens of investment performance, with some sources referring to savings from reduced trading costs as alpha, not unlike what is obtained from excess investment return.


PI Online - May 2, 2016


Healthy Markets and Abel Noser have published the Better Best Execution: A Guide for Investment Advisors report to help investors understand the history of 'best execution' obligations, current approaches in the industry and some thoughts on where regulators might be going.


HealthyMarkets.org - March 15, 2016




For press inquiries, please contact: info@abelnoser.com.


For press inquiries, please contact: info@abelnoser.com.