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Our award-winning analytics platform makes us the obvious choice when seeking lower trading costs alongside top-notch reporting options for best execution, all while satisfying necessary compliance mandates including MiFID II and PRIIPs reporting obligations.


Since our skill set is broad in nature, applications of our integrated analytics suite are varied and range from regulatory compliance, best execution, optimal strategy selection, all the way through to alpha capture across the entire investment life cycle.


Key Company Highlights


As the incumbent and leading pioneer in the TCA space with decades of experience, Abel Noser has a long standing and proven track record with our clients. Because we’re not part of a larger financial services company, our market independence is well known.  Our smaller size allows us to provide bespoke services in an unconflicted way; a rarity in today’s market.


We benchmark against an enormous universe of empirically based peer trading data (15 trillion USD annual across asset classes) at no extra cost to our clients.


Our consultancy overlay is top-notch.  We spend one-on-one time with our clients to understand their workflow, then marry our quantitative analytics with their qualitative feedback.  This customized service provision allows us to identify actionable takeaways and recommendations.


As a nimble, bespoke analytics firm, we’ve built a dedicated team of trained, analytically-focused client service reps and developers, each with backgrounds in analytics and/or trading.

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Abel Noser Solutions Turning Trading Insight Into Action

Abel Noser Solutions Turning Trading Insight Into Action

Abel Noser Solutions Turning Trading Insight Into Action