Measurement + Experience = Results

Fixed Income Agency Execution

Abel Noser has offered portfolio execution services to clients for decades.  Our philosophy remains the same today as the day we opened our doors:  offer best execution with low commission rates.  We do this through careful pre-trade analysis and planning, adaptive execution strategies, and a comprehensive post-trade analysis.  Our mission is to provide measurable superior executions and analytical insight, thereby reducing the cost of trading.


A Measured Approach


Abel Noser's innovative web-based pre-trade process enables us to determine the liquidity of your investment holdings.  The inverse relationship between opportunity cost and market impact remains the single most overwhelming cost factor in any large trade.  If trading is done too rapidly, the trades move the market.  If done too slowly, the market may move against the trades.  The goal is to trade the optimal number and size of trades over the right time-frame.




Post-Trade Analysis Using Trade-Zoom


Trade-Zoom for Fixed Income  is our web-based post–trade measurement product that provides drill-down from expansive views of all your trading to the appropriate level of detail on any single trade. Trade-Zoom also provides information on trading strategies, with time-specific data for every step of the process.  Benefits include:


  • Absolute cost of each bond transaction as executed
  • Best and worst trades, including outlier trades, are identified
  • Sorting data by bond type, country, credit quality, duration and outlier status
  • Individual reports include broker, trader, or portfolio manager extracts
  • Spread-based measures for corporate, treasury, and sovereign bonds
  • Coverage of both on and off the run issues
  • Bid wanted statistics of counterparties during the trade
  • Odd lot and round lot data comparisons
  • Relative comparisons of issues by duration, credit quality, maturity and coupon rate


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Your trade data can be migrated into Trade-Zoom quarterly, monthly, or as soon as next-day (T+1) enabling you to identify and respond immediately to the success and relative costs of applied trading strategies.  Within the tool, you can create customized views of your trading data, review the data created by numerous measures, then add filters to zero in on the report or data table that you need.


We keep an open dialogue with our clients to make sure your objectives are being met and  to  navigate the market accordingly.  Throughout the process, we focus on the fundamentals, understand integral differentiators, where it’s trading and why. We don’t rest until we have a holistic view of the bonds in question and how best to represent your wishes, needs and mandates.