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Quantitative Concensus-Based ESG Holdings Analysis


Regardless of one’s views about ESG, its centrality to many investors is borne out by the rapid integration and growth of ESG-oriented retail and institutional investing. It’s also important to recognize that the lack of uniformity of ESG ratings means that providers will always need to make choices. And where there is choice, there is subjectivity.


Happily, the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to the consumption of ESG data has provided a solution to this problem. Read our illuminating whitepaper to learn the evolution, challenges, and varying positions and policies of asset owners on this topic. No matter one’s position, there is a best practice for all sides based on quantitative oversight that pairs portfolio holdings data with ESG consensus ratings.  Our solution, Abel Noser's ESG Portfolio Monitor provides clients with an independent assessment of their managers’ ESG portfolio holdings, traded securities & investment activity.


The ESG Portfolio Monitor leverages sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning to consume ESG data from multiple rating vendors and other sources.  Robust statistical analysis normalizes and weights those data inputs to generate ‘consensus ESG ratings.’  This minimizes the inherent subjectivity associated with the use of any single ESG rating firm.  Also, the consumption of such large amounts of data enables significantly greater coverage, and facilities more frequent rating updates.  To learn more, READ OUR WHITEPAPER >>


To learn more, view our ESG Portfolio Monitor brochure or contact us at info@abelnoser.com.




Next-Gen Algorithmic Trading Strategies Utilizing MWBE Brokerage Firms


The Hackett Group, LLC, an MWBE pension consulting firm, has been retained by Abel Noser to conduct START broker-dealer due diligence and evaluation and has provided a list of approved brokers participating in the program. While fund managers are given the discretion and responsibility to select brokers for their account portfolio trading, Abel Noser START analytics provides an option for those managers to optimize ESG and MWBE trading desk inclusion and execution performance.


Benefits to Asset Owners


  • Seamless integration that entails no change in the manager’s normal workflow
  • Achieve or exceed equity, inclusion, and diversity goals
  • Works equally well with domestic & international trading
  • Implementation of ESG best practices & thought leadership
  • Improved fund performance (due to better trade executions)
  • Quantitative reporting helps document compliance
  • Supports regulatory reporting needs


For more information, contact info@abelnoser.com.

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