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Abel Noser has developed a reputation for being the most dependable provider of best execution regulatory services in the industry. As pioneers in the analytics and trade measurement space, we understand the entire transaction lifecycle like no other firm. Our deep experience enables us to provide you with a systematic and well thought-out approach to help you with your best execution and regulatory responsibilities. We offer the industry's leading multi-asset TCA coverage, an easy-to-use single platform dashboard with hundreds of measures, and a variety of reporting options including a custom report builder to provide the flexibility you need to tailor transaction data to your firm's specific needs.
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Dynamic, easy-to-read trade data within our Trade Zoom TCA interface

2023 SEC Best Execution Rule Proposals

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is in a comment period for four proposals as well as to finalize amendments to Rule 10b5-1. The scope of the proposed rules is far reaching and contains market structure changes that would affect all market participants, from wholesale firms to exchanges, ATSs, retail brokers and investors. While most of the proposals focus on equity market structure, the Commission’s proposed Regulation Best Execution mandate would apply to all securities including bonds, options, ETFs, and crypto securities.


Some key elements of their proposals include:

• Multi asset TCA coverage – equity, options & fixed income

• Quarterly best execution reviews with overall annual considerations of effectiveness

• Evaluation of conflicts of interest


Basic Reg Best Execution Services

Abel Noser offers a complete set of tools and reporting capabilities to meet the SEC Reg. Best Interest’s Market Integrity transactional reporting requirements. See more information about Regulation BI >


Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) and Customer & Account Information System (CAIS) for SEC Rule 613


Best Execution: Equity, Options & Fixed Income Transaction Cost Analysis

  • Meets FINRA Rule 5310’s regular and rigorous reviews of execution quality
  • Re-create all transactional workflows for internal evaluation and external reporting
  • Uses our flagship Multi-Asset Post-Trade TCA >


Disclosure of Routing Information for SEC Rule 605 & SEC Rule 606


KEY SEC Proposal Fact Sheets


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