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Algorithm Suite

Use Our Proprietary Tools to Stay Out in Front

No other company offers the leading transaction cost analysis platform in tandem with a best-of-class proprietary algorithm suite.



You can utilize Trade Compass, our state of the art pre-trade analytics tool, as a blueprint to trade program lists or single stocks more effectively.  This tool gives an estimated cost of a trade based upon past performance of similar trades within Abel Noser's unparalleled measurement universe, arming users with the data they need to choose the algorithm best suited to the trade.

Abel Noser's Proprietary Algorithm Suite


While trading, Trade Pulse offers a real-time score card, allowing you to track the progress of your trades, offering up-to-minute adjustments to original cost estimates.



With over 150 possible measures built in, Trade-Zoom allows you to analyze the trade data that is most relevant.  Annually, quarterly, monthly, or as soon as the next day, the tool's powerful data storage, retrieval functionality, and analytics capabilities enable you to look beneath the surface of the data summaries, right down to the details behind the numbers.  This drill-through ability helps to detect specific patterns and home in on the most successful algorithms and trading techniques.



With the addition of the Abel Noser Market Lab, we can analyze your past execution performance and customize algorithmic execution strategies to increase your trading efficiency. We begin with a Manager Trading Analysis, which we compile from our vast database of historical trades.  Each manager’s performance is measured using a 2-day prior, open, arrive price, closing price, and 2-day post-trade momentum.  The resulting 'report card' helps to identify and illustrate a manager's trading history.


In addition to being able to review the 'trading styles' of a manager's past performance, our algo design team analyzes the market capitalization of the portfolio, the orders as a percent of available volume, the costs by venue, and several other trade and market data points to determine the best trading strategy and specific algorithmic variables. The ultimate goal is to decrease overall trading costs.



Our proprietary Algo Back Test Engine can provide comprehensive analyses that show the optimal trading strategy for any given subset of activity.  This tool provides valuable insight as how to best approach a trade by taking advantage of your specific investment profile.


Whether pre-trade, intra-day trade, or post-trade, Abel Noser can combine experienced traders, proprietary algorithms, and leading analytics to create value and keep costs low.