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Abel Noser TCA & Trade Surveillance at a Glance

Abel Noser is the industry-leading provider of multi-asset TCA and trade surveillance for investment managers, asset owners, consultants and brokers. Over 500 global clients utilize our services, either directly or through a network of resellers, distribution partners and strategic alliances. Abel Noser is a global company with offices in New York, London, Metro DC, Atlanta, Boca Raton and Los Angeles.


All of Your Multi-Asset Analytics on a Single Global Platform

Abel Noser's Trade Zoom is our flagship post-trade TCA platform that allows you to measure trading performance, capture alpha, lower costs, and show best execution.  It provides information on your trading strategies along with time-specific data for each step of the trading process.  With over 1,000 possible measures built into the tool, you can go right to the analytics that interest you the most.


Trade Zoom Features:

  • One of the fastest TCA platforms in the industry
  • Intuitive interface with powerful versatility, allowing you to focus on your trading
  • Custom benchmarking against the largest universe of TCA data, at no extra cost
  • Drill-thru to underlying data points like timestamps, market data and cost results
  • Critical trade data (including market data points and notes) recorded in a long-term depository allowing compliance and regulatory review
  • Volumes metrics, strike prices, quotes, spread costs and much more
  • Reports, aggregated for internal and external use, are available customized on-demand, can be scheduled, or delivered by email
  • Competitive and customized pricing options


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Trade Surveillance with Compliance+

Available for equities and fixed income

Risk officers, investment managers and brokers today face unprecedented challenges relating to SEC, FINRA and global regulations as regulatory reporting has become more complex. Ever-changing trading methods and the latest technical advances present companies with increased oversight burdens and compliance challenges. Compliance+ best execution reporting software offers a comprehensive and versatile set of features that allows broker-dealers, investment advisors, and exchanges to comply with data-driven regulations and the global trading landscape.


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SEC and FINRA Regulatory Services

Abel Noser has developed a reputation for being the most dependable provider of best execution regulatory services in the industry. As pioneers in the analytics and trade measurement space, we understand the entire transaction lifecycle like no other firm.


Our regulatory services include:


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